A Hard Ticket to Hawaii – Movie

This is maybe the best 80s movie never to win a major award.

One of the hottest looking “actresses” ever. Lots of nudity, even when they have clothing on they are usually running around and wear very sexy outfits so it’s still pretty cool. Despite the obvious appeal because of the babes, this movie is filled lots of action and is fun to watch. Not exactly on the level of Citizen Kane, but hey who cares, Orson Wells never looked this good!

How do you begin to describe a movie with gratuitous nudity, bad acting, an implausible plot, 2-dimensional characters, and bad fight scenes? How do you describe the necessity for a mutant snake, an inflatable doll, skateboarding henchmen and razor-bladed frisbees in the same movie? Of course, I COULD mention some of the greatest lines of our generation like,”Life is a bitch and then you die.” Or maybe,”Just when you thought it was safe to take a pee.” (I can’t make that up.)

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